Food Habits and the Changing Social Scenario in the Urban Kerala

  • Ramesh Chandran N S
Keywords: food habits, dietary pattern, lifestyle, family bonding, Kerala


One of the visible impacts of globalization in Kerala is the transformationof the food habits of urban population, particularly the youth. The urbandietary pattern visibly shows that there is a conspicuous shift from traditionalfoods to fast foods. Along with that is the larger consumption of processedfoods and packaged fruit juices. The objective of this paper is to keep theyouth population informed about the values of home cooking, like fosteringthe importance of family bonding, ensuring good health, saving substantial.amount of money and above all catering mental satisfaction. Marketinfluence and advertisements of transnational corporations play a vital rolein accelerating the junk food culture. The influence of global businessinterest should not be allowed to clash with the secure social life andhealth of people. Most of the health problems detected today are, by andlarge, born out of the intake of undesirable food and unsafe eating patternscoupled with a sedentary lifestyle. The present food pyramid looksinverted, with the base on top and crest pointed downward. Oil, fat, sugarand salt, which ought to occupy the crest, indicating minimum consumption,have now moved to the base, suggesting maximum consumption. Thearticle informs about the necessity of educating, encouraging, enlighteningand empowering the new generation for sustaining our age-old food values.Food is our regional identity, for it symbolizes health and social wellbeing.