Rajagiri Journal of Social Development  (Print ISSN 0973-3086,E-ISSN -2583-7087)


Rajagiri Journal of Social Development  (Print ISSN 0973-3086,E-ISSN -2583-7087)  a peer reviewed bi-annual journal was launched at the time of the golden jubilee celebration of the Rajagiri College of Social Sciences in 2005. The purpose of the journal is to disseminate field-based and field-related knowledge in the area of social development. The journal benefits both academicians and practitioners who are interested and involved in programmes and activities of social development.

 The journal has the following specific objectives:

(i)  Contributing to professionalism in social development through publication of indigenous theoretical and empirical material on relevant issues and action programmes  concerning social development.,

(ii)  Providing a forum for professionals and practitioners  to engage  with debates and issues on social development activities and  documentation of their field experiences, and

(iii)  Encouraging educators and academics to produce field-related publications to strengthen their linkage and interaction with the field level workers.


The Journal has the following regular features

  • Research Articles 
  • Development Practice
  • From the Field
  • Book Reviews

 Rajagiri Journal of Social Development is published in English regularly every June and December. The Journal is registered with the Registrar of Newspapers for India: No. KERENG/2009/33545.

 The journal is indexed in

  1. International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)
  2. Proquest (Indian Database, Social Science Database, Social Science Premium Database, Proquest Central, Sociology Collection & Proquest SciTech Premium Collection) 
  3.  EBSCO Sociology Source Ultimate database


*Format of Publication –(Print) ISSN - 0973-3086,E- ISSN -2583-7087

*Number of Issues Per Year-2
*Print Frequency -Half-Yearly

*Month(s) of Publication -June and December

*Medium of publication -English

*Mode of Publication -Online
*Year of starting -2005