How Is Kerala Doing in Higher Education

  • Jandhyala B.G Tilak
Keywords: higher education, educational policy, Kerala, India


On the basis of many of the overall quantitative indicators, the highereducation scene in Kerala is found to be favourably comparable with theall-India scene, and in some respects, the situation in Kerala is better thansome of the rapidly expanding higher education systems in southern states.However, some serious threats do persist, the most important of whichbeing rapid growth of non-philanthropic private sector in higher education,which, if unchecked, may rattle the very foundations of a just and equitablehigher education system, which in turn is the foundation of a humanesociety. With the help of some most recent data, this short note analyses afew selective important dimensions of higher education in Kerala aroundthis broad theme. The attempt is to offer a critical comment on policiesand approaches being adopted by Kerala for the development ofhigher education and to outline what lessons can be drawn fromKerala’s own experience and the experience of other states andcountries.