Flood Relief Volunteer Management: A Case Study of Thiruvananthapuram District Administration

  • Kannan G.S. Ph.D. Research Scholar
  • Sabu P. Thomas Head and Assistant Professor,loyola college,Trivandrum
Keywords: Volunteerism, disaster relief, community resilience. professional social work, Kerala floods 2018


In August 2018, Kerala faced unprecedented floods, prompting a Red Alert in 13 out of 14
districts. With 433 casualties and over 14 lakh displaced individuals, Thiruvananthapuram
district emerged as a key hub for disaster relief. Volunteer-driven initiatives played a pivotal
role, establishing numerous relief material collection centres under the District Administration.
This case study delves into the operational procedures of these centres, offering a
retrospective analysis of volunteers’ life experiences. Utilizing a case study approach, data
was gathered through participant observation and in-depth interviews. The findings highlight
the functioning of relief material collection centres, volunteers’ motivations, their experiences
in flood relief activities, and reflections on the transformative impact of volunteerism in their
lives. The study also underscores opportunities for professional social work interventions in
disaster volunteer management.

Author Biographies

Kannan G.S., Ph.D. Research Scholar

Department of Social Work, Loyola
College of Social Sciences

Sabu P. Thomas, Head and Assistant Professor,loyola college,Trivandrum

Head and Assistant Professor,loyola college,Trivandrum