Financial Inclusion and Related Matters: A State-Level Comparison

  • Tithi Bose Kanyashree College, Kolkata, West Bengal
Keywords: Financial inclusion, financial literacy, financial services, financial stability, marginalised section


Financial inclusion is a tool to offer banking services and financial solutions to every
individual in society without discrimination. It focuses on including the economically
backward sections of society in the country’s economic process with no signs of inequality.
Availability, accessibility, affordability and adequacy of financial institutions and services
in all parts of the country and people’s awareness of these resources are critical to
financial inclusion. The Government of India, the Reserve Bank of India, and the National
Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development have commendable policies and
programmes to make financial inclusion a reality. This study analysed secondary data
to understand the status of financial inclusion and its variables in Indian states. Apart
from providing financial awareness and financial services, promoting income and savings
is also crucial in achieving financial inclusion and stability

Author Biography

Tithi Bose, Kanyashree College, Kolkata, West Bengal

Department of Economics, Kanyashree College, Kolkata, West