Exploring the Tools and Techniques for De-bunking Fake News

  • Gurdeep Kaur
  • Japjot Singh
Keywords: Fake news, social media, information disorder, factchecking, debunking


Fake news is a disturbing phenomenon that has become widespread due to its easy
online dissemination. The spread of fake news should be stopped to protect human
rights, peace and harmony in society. Fighting the spread of fake news requires a clear
understanding of its nature and practical tools and techniques for fact-checking. This
article describes the results of a case study that explored the conceptual understanding
of fake news, the characteristics and categories of fake news, and the tools and
techniques to eliminate it, highlighting its prevalence as an emerging challenge to the
well-being of people and nations. It emphasises the high vigilance towards fake news
that Internet and social media users must exercise to end its effects on society. Moreover,
scientific studies are recommended to explore the depth of this menace and government
policies to curb it