Treasure in Clay: A Case Study of Keezhmad Khadi and Village Industries Cooperative Society in Kerala

  • Nikhil N K Rajagiri College of Social Sciences
  • Joseph M K Rajagiri College of Social Sciences
  • Mariya K Chacko Rajagiri College of Social Sciences
Keywords: cooperative society, village industries, pottery


Pottery is one of the important cottage industries in India that significantly
contributes to rural livelihoods and local economic development. Pottery
making industries are shutting down due to the lack of resources and
financial support from government agencies. Mechanisation has lessened
the scope of employment in this sector. Changing policies and regulations
are the other barriers to the proper functioning of such traditional industries.
Due to the recent increased demand for ear then ware products in the
market, Keezhmad Khadi and Village Industries Co-operative Society
(KKVICS) is on the path to survival and development. Since 2016, KKVICS
has improved their business volume and is consistently making a normal
profit. The ban on plastic has resulted in increased demand for pottery
products in the market, which has created an opportunity for KKVICS to
scale up their activities in the pottery sector for the benefit of their primary
stake holders.