Social Work Intervention with prisoners: The Case of Varhad In Maharashtra

  • Ronald Y
Keywords: Social Work Intervention with prisoners


This paper discusses the sphere of professional social workwith prisoners and by way of illustration presents the experience of theVoluntary Action for Rehabilitation and Development (VARHAD) insocial work intervention with prisoners. Professional social work candeal with the prisoners’ needs for legal service, psycho-socialsatisfaction and rehabilitation after release from prison. Undertrials inprison need legal assistance for getting bail and convicts need it in the
matter of parole and furlough. Psycho-social needs of the prisonersinclude those for emotional satisfaction and maintenance of relationshipwith family members. Social workers of VARHAD have been workingwith the inmates of Amravati prison in the state of Maharashtra inorder to cater to their above mentioned needs. The paper makes threeillustrations from VARHAD’s social wok intervention.