Meaning of “employee happiness” within the context of complex organisations? An explanatory review on the UAE labour force

  • Vic Benuyenah School of Business Economics and Informatics, Birkbeck College, London, UK and Department of Business, Dubai Women’s College, Dubai, United Arab Emirate
  • Bharti Pandya Department of Business, Dubai Women’s College, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Keywords: Workplace happiness, Complex organisations


In this study, the authors build on the current frameworks of happiness provided by the PERMAmodel, the World Happiness Report Index and the theoretical framework provided by the proponents of jobsatisfactionmodel, motivation, employee engagement and commitment. The authors argue that, the existing
theoretical framework in the management and the HR literature are just different aspects of a common goal –happiness. This position is consistent with the overall happiness projects championed by governments acrossthe world, including the UK, Bhutan, several Scandinavian nations and essentially the United Arab Emirates.A chasm that currently exists in the literature is the availability of a universally acceptable definition forhappiness and protocols for measuring happiness. The authors conclude that more research is required tokeep pace with industry development relating to employee happiness initiatives.