Migrants and the Inclusive Policy Framework: Has Kerala Set the Precedent for Others to Emulate!

  • Arun P A IIT Bombay
Keywords: COVID-19; Kerala; Inclusiveness; Inter-state migrants; Pandemic; Policy framework


Migrants are subjects that are often left out in the policy discourse, even though our country has one of the largest floating population in the world. At times when the migrant community is facing scornful events at different quarters of their life, the state of Kerala has addressed similar concerns through policy deliberations framed with utmost care and importance, thus emerging as a pro-migrant state in the country. In this paradigm, the article incorporates a discussion on the various policy initiatives adopted by the state machinery for the welfare and betterment of interstate migrant workers employed in the state. Expanding the scope, the study dwells upon the different policy interventions adopted by the state machinery to address the vulnerabilities of in-migrants emerged during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. An evaluation of the state’s existing migrant related policy framework points at its effectiveness in sensitizing and improving the lives of inter-state migrants to some extent. Through the efforts, Government of Kerala sends a strong message on the inevitability of having an inclusive and unified approach in identifying and addressing the needs of the migrant community by transcending the trivial human-made distinctions while keeping human beings and humanity at the centre of all actions.